Arden was founded by people who really care about maintaining healthy lifestyles through the journey of nutrient intake. With years of research and designing process, we have finally launched our Arden slow juicers. We would like to introduce you to a lifestyle that incorporates ARDEN and all the natural health benefits that you can reap from our slow juicers.

With the focus on Singapore's busy lifestyles, we notice that most of people often get caught up in the busyness of their daily lives and neglect their physical health. However, taking care of your body is crucial for your overall well-being and productivity. Either make time for some exercise on the daily basis or focus on eating a balanced diet with a good source of nutrients and vitamins regularly.

With ARDEN, we would like to make an impact by encouraging people to start taking care of their health and well-being especially when it comes to a balanced lifestyle through consuming enough nutrients and vitamins. Here are a few reasons why drinking juices is important for you.

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1.     Nutrient intake

Juices can be an easy and convenient way to consume a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. For example, a glass of fresh orange juice can provide us with a significant amount of vitamin C, which is important for immune function and other processes in the body.

2.     Hydration

Drinking enough fluids is important for maintaining proper hydration, which is crucial for our overall health. Juices can be a tasty way to help us stay hydrated throughout the day.

3.     Digestive Health

Many fruits and vegetables used in juicing contain natural enzymes and fiber that can support healthy digestion and promote regularity.

4.     Antioxidants

Juices can be a great source of antioxidants, which are important for protecting our cells from damage caused by free radicals.

5.     Detoxification

Some people believe that certain juices, such as those made from green vegetables or beets, can help support the body's natural detoxification processes by helping to eliminate toxins and waste products.

With all these benefits that we can get from just a cup of juice, it is indeed very important that all of us can start do a little bit of investment to our bodies to achieve long term health and wellbeing.

Without the need to spend a large sum of money to buy those healthy juices, ARDEN come up with the idea of creating your own personalized juices according to what your body need the most. We purposely came up with ARDEN playbook where you can explore varieties of cold pressed juices recipes and start the art of mixing and juicing those fruits and vegetables.

Our latest invention of cold pressed slow juicer is focussing on the advanced technology so that it will be able to extract the maximum nutrients and vitamins from your fresh fruits and vegetables while minimize the heat and oxidation process resulting in a cup of nutrient-rich juices that can be consumed by everyone. With the focus on the practicality and design, we create a compact slow juicer that doesn’t take so much space in your kitchen while the juicing power remains competitive.

Love your body

Feed your soul

Drink your juice