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ARDEN Innovative technology preserves the delicate vitamins, minerals, and enzymes found in fresh products. ARDEN slow juicers focus on preventing nutrient loss due to heat & oxidation exposure hence ARDEN juices will be much more nutritional compared to the normal juicer.

Our exclusive filtering method removes solid or hard particles from fruits and vegetables. This will improve the overall smooth and delicate texture that all ages can easily consume. ARDEN juices will be easily absorbed by your body, are good for detoxification, and improve overall digestive health and wellness. 

ARDEN slow juicers are exclusively designed in a compact design so it doesn't take much space. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, and also comes with a powerful motor. ARDEN slow juicers operate at a relatively low speed, which means they are much quieter than fast juicers.

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why arden slow juicer?
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Arden was founded by people who really care about maintaining healthy lifestyles through the journey of nutrient intake. With years of research and designing process, we have finally launched our Arden slow juicers. We would like to introduce you to a lifestyle that incorporates ARDEN and all the natural health benefits that you can reap from our slow juicers.

Indulge yourself in the journey of the arts of mixing fresh fruits and vegetables. ARDEN playbook offers you selections of unique juice recipes depending on your needs and what your body needs the most. Delicious nutrient-rich juices are not only good for your body, but also good for your mind. Try to consume them regularly and you can see how those small steps improve your lifestyles.

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Why cold-pressed juices made by ARDEN slow juicers?

ARDEN COLD-PRESSED TECHNOLOGY allows the maximum extraction of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. No additional heat or oxygen is used in the process meaning that the juices will be much more nutritional compared to the traditional juicer.

ARDEN FINEST EXTRACTION JUICES allows our slow juicers to provide the smoothest, pure, and nutrient-rich juices that can be easily absorbed by your body. These juices will improve your overall digestion system, increase your energy level, and promote overall wellness in your body in the long term.

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Omg I'm loving this!!!!! So cute work well, the juice is so smooth and very easy to be consumed by all ages. Everything is easy, easy to assemble,easy to use making juice and easy to wash. Delivery was fast. Just love it. I have been enjoying healthy juices everyday with my family. Recommended product to have at home.


Easy to operate & clean up. I can even prepare own pomegranate juice. One medium size pomegranate can fill 1/3 of the plastic cup provided. Now my elderly parents whom teeth no longer strong to chew on fruits can enjoy good quality home-prepared juices. Very happy with this machine. Highly recommended"

Am pleased that item is in good condition. No cracked found. Very compact. Easy installation. Thank you seller! I have used them daily now & it works wonders! Love them!"


Easy to assemble and use. Like the fact that the juice and remainings comes out of the machine instantly so you can keep using it to make many cups without having to stop and clear it like the older/bigger ones. Ordered on 28th night and received on 30th! Super fast delivery! Thank you!"